The Sama Dog 6 Pillars of Balance: Our Core Teachings


Every “body,” no matter the species, moves in and out of balance due to current and past influences and experiences in their environment. Being that our dogs share our lives so closely, they are just as equally impacted by the people and events around us as we are. Our canine companions are especially influenced by their human's state of mind-body wellness, because the bond between human and dog permeates all aspects of both of our beings.

Ultimately, our wellbeing is our dog’s wellbeing. Our life experience, in many cases, is mutual. Our canine companions share our space, family and heart in a way that no other creatures do. Sometimes, they know us better than we know ourselves. They serve and support mankind in incredible ways, and they deserve to live great lives.

When the whole being experiences harmony and balance, Sama is established. These core teachings are the 6 principles that lead to a Sama Dog, and they are the foundation that each one of our classes, workshops and consultations is built upon. 

DOSHAS: Body/Mind Types
Understand your dog’s innate, natural tendencies in body and mind (referred to as body/mind type or Dosha)

  • Foundational principals of the natural, timeless Ayurvedic system of healing
  • How and where Ayurveda applies to dogs
  • What each dosha looks like expressed through dogs
  • Dosha Quizzes – identifying and understanding your and your dog’s unique mind-body type

FOOD: Nutrition
Optimal nutrition and balancing foods (specifically for your type of dog)

  • Reading labels wisely – not all dog foods are created equal
  • Understanding dog food options and what's the best (while remaining easy) food
  • The ideal food for your dog considering their dosha and current imbalance/s
  • The best supplements for various issues or circumstances
  • 3 of the best Ayurvedic herbs for dogs

BEHAVIOR: Training + Daily Routine
Training according to your dog’s mind/body type and creating an optimal daily routine

  • Training tips for each of the doshas
  • Reduce problem behaviors
  • Increase positive behaviors
  • Establish an ideal daily routine for your dog

    BODY/MIND: Inner Pharmacy for Balancing Body & Mind
    Heal through the 5 senses – learn to balance your dog with sound, sight, taste, touch and smell

    • Identify specific areas of imbalance in your dog
    • Abilities and function of each sense as it applies to dogs
    • Methods to help balance your dog including massage and yoga
    • Treat your dog’s doshic imbalance/s through each sense

    EMOTIONAL: Communication + Connection
    Access a deeper connection and expand communication ability

    • The powerful and unique bond between dogs and humans
    • Basic principles and practices of animal communication
    • Building mutual language
    • Breathing awareness (Pranayama)
    • Chakra balancing and meditations for clarity and opening intuitive connection

    SPIRITUAL: Dogs are Multi-Dimensional Beings
    Dogs as spiritual beings and our teachers

    • The multiple layers of a dog's being – body, mind and spirit
    • Dogs’ abilities and capabilities; learning their weaknesses
    • Exceptional bonds and experiences between dogs and humans
    • "Access" our dog's spiritual side and expand your spiritual life to include animals