Sama Dog's mission is to expand and improve
the wellbeing of dogs and their humans.

Sama Dog provides education, products and services to help dogs, via their human companions, to foster and maintain balance, or “Sama,” in body, mind and spirit. The state of Sama promotes optimal physical and mental health, positive behavior and an expanded human-canine relationship.

We're a unique resource for living a healthy, natural, spiritual life with your dog.

Free Gift!

We'd like to welcome you to the Sama Dog community with our *Energy Balancing Kit* for dogs! 
Like us, dogs have chakras - energy centers - that work in harmony to support a balanced life, physically and emotionally. This practice can benefit dogs who struggle with anxiety, reactivity, obsessive behaviors or hyperactivity, just to name a few.

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Online Course  — Wellbeing for Dogs

Our signature 6-week online class series explores and integrates six key areas of optimal wellbeing for your beloved dog. Based on Sama Dog's 6 Pillars of Dog Wellbeing. By learning and following these natural healing principles, you'll know how to provide the very best care possible for your dog while enjoying the most powerful heart-centered bond imaginable. 

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About Us

Our approach is one-of-a-kind and is based on traditional teachings from the East, namely Ayurveda, integrated with a multitude of other holistic, natural and spiritual practices to cultivate balance and health.
Our founder Amanda Ree recognize dogs as our soulful companions, and shines a spotlight on the mutual impact dogs and humans have on each other’s lives, families and overall wellness.

Featured Product — Natural FLEE FLEA!

Flee Flea: Our proprietary custom blend of Flower Essences are an effective and 100% natural method of fending off the pesky fleas! Flower Essence work with subtle vibration. Apply 5 drops twice daily to your dog's food and build a forcefield from within. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA.

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