Dr. Katie Kangas joins Amanda Ree to share 3 simple ways to protect your pets - and your whole family - from toxins.

Special Sama Saturday Session with Dr. Katie Kangas of Integrative Veterinary Care discussing the powerful invisible toxins that we are ALL being affected by - electromagnetic energy ⚡️ Tune in and learn!

An info packed interview with Dr. Katie Kangas - get perspective and wisdom from a top holistic veterinarian. In this session you'll learn the why, what and how to re-establishing regular eating patterns for our pups. Bon appetite!

Sama Dog was selected by Facebook, along with a few other lucky companies, for a national campaign to promote local businesses in San Diego and a handful of other cities.

KPBS reporter Claire Trageser shares this story of our mediation class for dogs. Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2017/mar/07/san-diego-class-shows-dogs-are-naturals-meditation/

Sama Dog was featured on The CW6 San Diego news for our involvement in the launch of The Balanced Mind Meditation Center at the JCC in La Jolla, California, September 2016.

Learn more about the industry of dog food and how you can use 'food as medicine' for YOUR dog's specific needs. Informative, inspiring interview with the brilliant Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen.

A unique and totally awesome event produced by Facebook, where Sama Dog was invited to teach 3 yoga & meditation classes for people... and their dogs! Doga was just one part of this tail-wagging event featuring several of San Diego's top dog-centric businesses, right in the middle of downtown at the Waterfront Park!

Cooking up balancing meals for different types of dogs in today's session! Is your dog airy, firey or earthy? Watch and learn what's best for your canine bestie.

Vata Balancing Meal. Is your dog anxious, restless, fearful? Maybe ungrounded? Their food can make a major difference!