The 6 Pillars of a Truly Balanced Canine

Online Course - Begins October 10, 2019

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I’m Amanda Ree, certified Vedic Educator in Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga, and canine expert. I’ve created Total Wellbeing for Dog, my signature online course, to help you experience new levels of emotional and physical wellbeing and health for yourself and your dog. The tools in this course are new, but are based on an ancient healing system called Ayurveda. These principles have been helping their practitioners maximize health for over 5,000 years.

Before applying the principles of Ayurveda to my dog, I struggled for years to relieve my poodle mix Maya from severe and debilitating skin issues. I was dismayed that my only options were prescription medicines which helped relieve some symptoms, at best. Maya was declining rapidly and it pained me to witness.

Being a practitioner and teacher of natural wellness (specialized in Ayurveda) for almost 20 years, I understand the body’s natural ability to restore itself to health and balance, given the right environment and opportunity. In desperation, I decided to try applying the fundamental healing principles of Ayurveda to every aspect of Maya’s life. Within just a few weeks, I noticed significant improvement. A few months later, there were major changes. And within a few years, Maya was an entirely different dog. Friends from the past still come over and ask, “Where’s Maya?” when she’s right in front of them!

So was born my passion for sharing this healing path with other devoted dog parents, some of who may feel similar struggles, or know there must be a better way. Just as with our own healthcare, we can become our dogs best healer.

I’m happy to share this is the only course of its kind in the entire world, and my sincere hope is that it touches and improves the lives of countless dogs and humans around the world.

I look forward to welcoming you and your dog into our community!

With Love,

In Total Wellbeing for Dogs, You Will Learn

  1. DOSHAS: Introduction to Ayurveda and understand your dog’s innate, natural tendencies in body and mind (referred to as body/mind type or Dosha)

  2. FOOD: Optimal nutrition and balancing foods (specifically for your dog)

  3. BEHAVIOR: Training according to your dog’s body/mind type and creating an optimal daily routine

  4. BODY/MIND: Heal through the 5 senses – learn to balance your dog with sound, sight, taste, touch and smell

  5. EMOTIONAL: Access a deeper connection and expand communication ability

  6. SPIRITUAL: Dogs as spiritual beings and teachers

SD Amanda Ree

Amanda Ree is a certified meditation teacher, 500-hr yoga Hatha instructor and Ayurvedic health practitioner since 2001. Her spiritual studies started at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and in 2006 she began working and studying closely under Dr. Deepak Chopra. As a lead educator, event host/emcee and leadership team member at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Amanda has had the great fortune to learn from many of the world’s leaders and top experts in health and wellbeing.

Amanda was born with an innate soul-connection to animals, and this bond was deepened at three years old when she was saved from drowning in her backyard pool by the family dog. At age ten, Amanda persuaded her family to purchase the neighborhood pet store in Lake Tahoe, California, where she served as the smallest yet most knowledgeable employee.

Conscious living and her passion for dogs merged in 2013 when she founded a dog rescue organization, SoulPlayMates. It was here that Amanda started to apply the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to the foster dogs she cared for. Witnessing a rapid positive impact, she was inspired to share this knowledge with even more people through workshops, classes, private consultations and online education.

Sama Dog :: Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans was born from a desire to help guide dogs and their humans into a blissful state of balance, or “Sama”, through teaching holistic care for loved dogs inspired by Ayurveda.

What Will I Gain by Taking This Course?

This class series is based on the Sama Dog core or signature teachings which we call the Sama Dog 6 Pillars of Balance. By learning and following these natural healing principles, you'll be well-informed about how to overcome common health and behavior challenges and provide the very best care possible for your dog. All while enjoying the most powerful heart-centered bond imaginable. 


Just some of the practical tools you’ll graduate from this course with include:

  • Understanding how to apply holistic, natural health care principles to the care of your pet

  • Discover your dog’s unique body/mind type (Dosha) and how to make informed choices of what balances them most

  • Develop a working knowledge of holistic canine nutrition and the appropriate use of natural supplements and herbs

  • Learn the concepts of Ayurveda and how they can be applied to help your dog

  • Learn what modern scientific research is revealing about healing our animals at the root level - not just treating symptoms

  • Learn to interpret your pet’s need and provide soothing energy healing

  • Benefit from guidance by industry experts who are highly trusted in their fields
    (details below on each guest educator)

How You’ll Learn

  • Weekly live online sessions (via Zoom) via audio and video, taught LIVE by Amanda with guest educator appearances.

  • Specific, demonstrated hands-on techniques to guide your dog back to balance using the 5 senses (for example: meditation, movement, massage, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, flower essences and more)

  • Four support calls and FaceBook Live sessions with Amanda Ree

  • Wellbeing Log to track the progress and changes in your dog from the initiation of this course through the end, and beyond

  • Personal 1:1 consultation call with Amanda to review your dog's personalized wellbeing plan

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  • Membership into a private FB group (for this class only)

  • Three (3) downloadable guided meditations with your dog

  • Three (3) demonstration videos for healing practices (i.e.; dog massage, energy work, etc)

  • A "gift" from each of our guest educators

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Enroll in Total Wellbeing for Dogs Course

This course has begun, however all session are fully recorded. If you’d like to register DURING the 7-weeks, you will receive all the previous recordings and resources up-to-date, and you can join into the course from there.

Tuition is only $495

** Payment Plan Is Available, Please Inquire For Details **

** Guest Educators for Total Wellbeing for Dogs, Fall 2019 **

Linda Tellington.jpg

Katie Kangas, DVM, CVA, CVCP - Holistic Veterinarian and founder of Integrative Veterinary Care in San Diego, CA. Dr. Kangas’ specialty is using "food as medicine" to promote natural healing.

Joan Ranquet - Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, and educator. Joan has connected with animals professionally for over 25 years. Founder of Communication With All Live University. 

Kathleen Prasad
- Internationally known for her pioneering work in the field of animal Reiki, including several books on the topic. Founder of Animal Reiki Source & Shelter Animal Reiki Assoc.

Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon)
- Internationally recognized for her revolutionary approach to working with animals through the Tellington (TTouch®) Method as a system of animal training, healing and communication.

* Amanda & guests teach each session live, with audio and video. Recordings are provided after each class. 

What Do Previous Attendees Say About The Course?

<<< Video: Rina G. and Coco share their experience in the course (when offered in-person in San Diego.)

"This Course was useful for anyone wanting to learn alternative ways of understanding and deepening the bond with their pet. You not only learn about your pets Dosha, but how it all links with nutrition, behavior, communication and the health and well being of your fur baby. Amanda immediately creates a space of loving intention and holds your attention throughout, you will laugh, cry, and most of all find a deeper meaning of bonding with your dog."
— Rushawn O. & Chopper the Cancer-thriver

— Video: Kelly W. and Noodle share their experience in the course (when offered in-person in San Diego.) >>

"The Wellbeing for Dogs course exceeded my expectations. It was truly well done and I enjoyed participating in this type of educational opportunity. It opened my heart and lit up my soul. From one dog/animal lover to another…there was so much valuable information that helps give me a better understanding and connection to my beloved Tori. The special guest speakers were also amazing and enlightening."
— Cindy M. & Tori the therapy dog

"Total Wellbeing for Dogs helped me connect with my foster pup on a deeper level. It went beyond the basics of pet care and tapped into how to understand each dog as an individual. Amanda explained in detail how to encourage greater health and wellbeing not for all dogs, but for my dog. She also helped me eliminate the issues of trust and fear that little Scarlett was having. "
— Stacey C. & Scarlett the foster dog

<<< Video: Tony B., Pandora and Stella share their online course experience!


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>>>> FAQ <<<<


Yes, the information you learn and the concepts shared in this class series do relate to both dogs and cats, and most other animals. Ayurveda is "the science/wisdom of life," so nothing is excluded. With that being said, when we get into some specific conversations - especially around nutrition and supplements - the needs of dogs are different from the needs of cats, so that will be noted and therefore less applicable.


No experience or knowledge of Ayurveda - or any of the related teachings like meditation or yoga - is needed to relate to and fully understand this course. We'll take it from the top and lay a complete foundation of the principles before moving into more detail. Additional references will also be suggested for further studies, if desired. 


Not to worry, every class in the series will be recorded, in both audio and video, and will be sent to all registrants of the course shortly after it's completed.