Testimonials about Workshops and Classes 

"I just completed Sama Dog's "Total Wellbeing for Dogs" class ... I loved EVERYTHING about it, especially Amanda Ree herself! I liked how it was sequenced into topics moving through the physical, to mental/emotional, on to spiritual. The entire course was well organized and she managed to pack A LOT of great information into every week. I'll be reviewing what I have learned here, and benefiting from it, now and into the future!"
- Karen S. (Agawam, MA)

"The Total Wellbeing for Dogs course was exactly what I needed! I started the course familiar with the topics and methods, but the course really brought everything together. I can see how training, food, enrichment, communication - all work together. A true holistic view. Amanda built a wonderful community and was so helpful and knowledgeable."
- Caitlin G. (Richmond, BC)

I heard Amanda speak about her amazing story of healing her dog through Ayurveda. A lightbulb went off when she talked about her dog licking off her hair and chewing her feet. Our Yorkiepoo, Bailey, had recently scratched an infected wound in her neck and had chewed her tail to bits. Before I learned of Sama Dog, Bailey walked out of the vet with antibiotics and a cone of shame neither of which actually stopped the itching. What the vet couldn't do was help me address the underlying cause of her behavior. One conversation with Amanda led me to simple dietary changes and fun behavioral tools to use with Bailey. Amanda knows dogs and has done extensive research on the dietary, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of dogness. She is generous, clear, and downright delightful to talk with. Bailey's itching has stopped. Her tail is back to normal, and we are now equipped to help her have a long, healthy life the way she was designed to live. I am grateful to Amanda and Sama Dog for helping us resolve a chronic health issue easily, naturally, and with so much joy! Bailey had something she wanted to add, "Arf. Arf. Arfity. Arf!" (Translation = Thank you!)
- Christina B. (St. Paul, MN)

First of all, thank you Amanda for sharing your Dharma with all of us! Thank you for your dedication and loving devotion to educating people about their furry best friends. I came away with high praise for all that you taught me and especially how much I enjoyed your PowerPoint slides! The world needs your mission. Your presentation is beautiful, fun and generous. My tail is wagging with appreciation. Thank you for the free samples. I will be calling you for a consultation. I feel so empowered and inspired. My inner put bull is soothed and my inner chihuahua is pacified. 
- Rachel F. (Hemet, CA) 

YOU MUST GO TO THIS WORKSHOP!! I attended Amanda's Dosha for Dogs workshop at Yoga Vista Studio last month and it was literally life-changing for me and my two dogs! Now that we all get why we do what we do and how to be with each other, there is absolute peace and tranquility in the house and space for the dogs to bond. Thank you thank you thank you, Amanda! 
- Carole S. (Vista, CA) 

Amanda Ringnalda, now branching off to focus on her love of dogs and healing them with Ayurveda. Her results have been astounding. What to feed your dog, according to its imbalances. How to handle skin issues, temperament issues and more. Anyone who has used her to find them a great dog (a soul that needs saving from the horror and fear that is an animal shelter) is blissfully in love with their dog. Shelters are loud, they stink, lights too bright, and are so confusing and depressing for an animal. How can you choose from those conditions? Amanda knows and can see more than most. God bless you Amanda. 
- Sandra N. (Baltimore, MD) 

I would highly recommend this course. You will learn so much for you and your fur baby/babies. Amanda is an amazing, inspiring speaker. This is such a fun, informative workshop that helps you learn more and bond with your best friend/s. πŸ’™πŸΆπŸ’—
- Kelly T. (London, UK) 

The Body, Mind & Spirit of Dogs is an informative class on wellness and balance for those who truly love animals. Given by Amanda's love for animals, enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious. For those who don't know "dog speak" and sincerely want to help our animals have the best life possible, this class is for you. Sheer genius taking Ayurvedic principles that work for humans and translating into what works for animals. 
- Janet B. (Carlsbad, CA) 

Sweet Amanda, I wanted to thank you. I'm going to visit my sick husband in PA and wanted to make some food for my dogs for the pet sitter, so I used some of your techniques. I know they're going to be a little anxious, so thank you so much.
- Tracy Vincent (Sedona, AZ) 

My Maggie, nine, was a happy recipient of your fireworks soothing. Stress therapy, four drops of ashwagandha and the calming sounds of the ocean with our sound machine. Thanks for a peaceful 4th of July.
- Granny L. (New Orleans, LA)