SoulPlayMates Dog Rescue

SoulPlayMates is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization founded by Amanda Ree.

Our purpose is to assist hopeful rescue-dog adopters to find their especially well-matched new canine companion. We take great care in finding the perfect dog for each of our clients, and have developed a comprehensive process to ensure an entirely successful adoption.

SoulPlayMates’ services include:

  • Searching the local shelters
  • Identifying your ideal dog
  • Adaptation and training period in Amanda’s home
  • Delivery to adoptive home and full-service assistance with integration into the family

We ensure that each and every adoption is a perfect match by eliminating the most common mistakes and issues that create unsuccessful adoptions nationwide. For hopeful future dog owners, it can be difficult to witness the often poor conditions of their local animal shelters. Taking a new dog home and adapting them to “life as we know it” can be equally as challenging – for everyone involved.

We understand that rescue dogs are special and each very unique in their nature and past experiences, and have the knowledge and expertise to work with each dog in the way that suits them best.