Flower Essence for Fending Fleas


Flower Essence for Fending Fleas

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The feedback keeps coming in about how effective and easy these flower essences are to use! I can understand why - I’ve been jumping for joy to see how exceptionally well it’s worked for all of our dogs as well!

Our proprietary custom blend of Flower Essences are an effective and 100% natural method of fending off the pesky fleas! Apply 5 drops twice daily to your pup's food and build a force-field from within.

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Pesky fleas! Many of the dog-parents we know have tried EVERYTHING to rid the fleas naturally. That was our story too. This tool makes all the difference in our flea fighting arsenal! And it really does work.

Flower Essences - different from essential oils and aromatherapy - balance with frequency and vibration. Everything has a frequency in which it vibrates, and just like some melodies flow nicely together and some don't, some frequencies don't harmonize and therefore repel.

We've formulated a specific proprietary blend of Flower Essences to work especially well for fending off the pesky fleas! Apply these drops daily to your pup's food and help build a forcefield.

Flower essences are the same dosage no matter the dog's weigh, breed, age, etc. 


15ml = $25.00
30ml = $40.00

(15ml will last about 4-5 weeks for one dog)