A Spark of Sama :: Balancing Aroma Candle


A Spark of Sama :: Balancing Aroma Candle

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* Formulated for homes or offices with companion animals
* All ingredients including the wax and aroma are animal-safe and non-toxic (most candles aren't)
* Benefit from an intentionally light-smelling blend to balance, calm and restore everyone in the space
* Tri-Doshic; benefits all 3 doshas (body/mind types)

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3 candle pack = $49.95

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A Spark of Sama :: Balancing Candle for Your Dog and You
8oz candle
Each candle burns for approximately 50 hours

What's unique about "A Spark of Sama" candles?
—> A dog-friendly candle combining the delicate smells of frankincense and vanilla, both known for their healing properties, to induce a balanced state of body + mind (Sama) for all creatures, big and small.
—> Made from a blend of organic soy/coconut wax and therapeutic-grade essential oils for a sweet, pleasing aroma.
—> Find a treasure at the bottom of each candle to promote and continue to positive intentions lovingly infused into them.
—> Hand-poured by Karen of Soul Spark Candles in Solana Beach, CA
—> Frankincense is known for its anxiety and inflammation reducing properties. It also battles toxins and fights infections by inhibiting bacteria, fungi and viruses. This ancient oil is also shown to have cancer-fighting ability.
—> Vanilla has been found in recent studies to reduce stress and alleviate depression by creating more calm & ease.
—> A portion of the proceeds are donated to Synergy Animal Rescue based in San Diego, CA who specialize in geriatric, special needs and terminally ill animals who have run out of time at animal control. Their souls are restored for whatever time remains. We honor and support their important work.

Note: A Spark of Sama candles are CAT-SAFE however a well-ventilated room is best for feline's particular sensitivity to aroma.

WARNING: Be especially careful to place the candles up high and well out of the reach of your pets. Allow all animals the opportunity to leave the room/space of the candle if they so choose.

For orders of 12 or more, please contact us for discount pricing.