FREE 7-Day Meditation Series for You & Your Dog
“Paws for Reflection”

Guided by Amanda Ree of Sama Dog
Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor

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Take a journey through seven visualization meditations, each a unique reflection of the gifts our canine friends came here to teach. The practice of meditation is proven to have extensive benefits for humans,
and it can be equally as helpful for dogs too.

A recent study has proven that canines absorb our emotions and are sharing our stress.
Therefore, by practicing meditation with them, we also promote the health of their body and mind.


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(from the theme, Unconditional Love)

5 Best Reasons to Meditate With Your Dog

1. Strengthen Safety and Trust
The body and mind are connected. When an animal feels a sense of ease and comfort, where there are no threats, their system will function at its best. Their immune system, digestion, even the health of their skin, will be supported by living in a safe, peaceful environment. 

2. Reduce Stress
Among other positive influences of a regular meditation practice, your stress response takes a much-needed break. When you lessen the stress response of the body, its natural healing capabilities are able to go to work, no matter what your species.

3. Harmonize and Attune Energy
The familiar practice of being comfortable and quiet becomes a safety blanket to an animal who desires bonding. This is especially true for animals who aren’t yet confident in their surroundings, or perhaps feel confused by the circumstances happening around them.

4. Build a Bridge of Communication
We’re able to share information with the precious animals in our lives not only through spoken language, but by other means as well. Communication and understanding between you and your dog can expand through meditation, improved by the open and receptive pathway it creates.

5. Thrive with Daily Routine
Instinctively, animals align themselves with the rhythms of nature. Since routine what they know and live by instinctively, realigning them to this impulse is key to their health and wellbeing. Practice together meditation every day, around the same time, and watch your canine companion thrive. 

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