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Special Edition of Sama Saturday with Dr. Katie Kangas & Lionel's Legacy & Synergy dog rescues- unique needs of senior dogs

Join us for our Facebook Live "Special Edition" session of Sama Saturday with Dr. Katie Kangas of Integrative Veterinary Care & Lionel's Legacy & Synergy dog rescues for unique needs of senior dogs

LOCATION the Sama Dog Wellbeing Facebook Page!

Being a dog-parent to a senior canine is an incredibly special experience. We have so much to learn from our companions as they grow old by our side, or perhaps come into our lives as aging dogs. The rewards of committing to another "being" to provide loving care to the end are endless

Join us as we guide you on the MANY ways to support their wellbeing best with Dr. Katie Kangas and the leaders of two senior dog rescues, Lionel's Legacy & Synergy, to talk about the unique needs and care of senior dogs.

We’ll be taking your questions.

Tune in and learn!