Dog Wellbeing 101

75-Minute Group Class

Do you feel that your dog is in balance? Is their body and mind vibrant? The optimum state of wellbeing – for dogs and humans – occurs when all aspects of the body, mind and spirit are in a state of equilibrium. “Sama”, which means balance, is established when the whole being experiences harmony. 

Explore your dog from a holistic perspective, and learn to understand his/her unique needs. In this fun yet content-rich 75-minute class, you’ll discover the tools and techniques to naturally guide your dog toward a healthy, balanced body and mind, which will ultimately balance their behavior. The teachings in this class are rooted in the 5,000-year-old holistic healing system known as Ayurveda. The sister-science to yoga and meditation, Ayurveda is an intuitive, entirely natural and whole-being approach to attaining exceptional overall wellbeing – both human and canine.

What you’ll learn:

  • Teachings on each pillar from our unique system of holistic wellbeing:
    THE SAMA DOG 6 PILLARS OF BALANCE  (details of each pillar here)
    • Training / Daily Routine
    • Inner Pharmacy: Balancing through the 5 Senses
    • Nutrition / Herbs
    • Connection / Communication
    • Doshas: Mind-Body Types
    • Dogs are Multi-Dimensional Beings
  • Guidance to assess and understand your dog’s unique make-up
  • Specific techniques and training your pup needs to live its best life
  • Discover the truth about dog food and the differences in feeding options
  • The ability to better understand your dog's behaviors and physical challenges
  • Overview of the basics of Ayurveda and how it applies to dogs

How you’ll learn it:

  • Group interaction
  • Demonstrations
  • Group movement activity to get everyone’s energy grounded and aligned
  • Hands-on exercises with your dog

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