Sama Dog’s Bed & Breakfast for Dogs

Located in Vista, California  (North County San Diego)

Our Bed & Breakfast for Dogs is a one-of-a-kind overnight dog boarding service that provides loving, individualized care for your pup in a way that’s different from anyplace else.

More than just a bed & breakfast for VIPs (Very Important Pups), our B&B also provides Balance & Bliss. Our specialty at Sama Dog lies in applying natural, holistic care to support your pet’s individual needs – leaving them feeling happy and healthy in body, mind and spirit. We gladly offer every dog who stays at our B&B a menu of optional treatments and services (the majority at no additional charge) to help make their stay exceptional.



We’re knowledgeable and highly-experienced caretakers who are willing and able to give your dog the best possible circumstances while being away from their home, caring for them like part of the family. We’ve housed, fostered, rehabilitated (or given forever homes) to hundreds of dogs with a wide array of needs. We’re able to provide support with special needs such as administering medication or extensive supplement regimens, specialized meal preparations, specific types of exercise or daily requirements, assistance with mobility and much more.

We'll provide a lifestyle that's as close to "home" as possible, so we'll do everything we can to match their sleeping arrangements, feeding routine, exercise and training rituals, as well as plenty of relaxation time. Crates are available for pups who are crate-trained, however there's no requirement to use the crates. We have dog beds in every room in the house!

Our intention is to send your dog back to you more balanced, happy and nourished, which in many cases means you’ll return home to a healthier, better-behaved pup.

B&B Pricing:

  • $52 / day (24 hour stay)

  • $40 / daytime stay only; not overnight (up to 9 hours)

  • $62 / day — Holiday Rate (24 hour stay)

B&B Highlights:

  • Home-like experience with plenty of individual attention, love and play

  • Accommodations in a cozy, private farm-style home

  • If desired by pup parent, includes a nutritious “breakfast topper” added to their morning meal*

  • Plush bedding and top-quality toys

  • If desired, access to a large, entirely enclosed yard to explore, play and potty

  • Ceramic, sterilized food bowls

  • Free-flowing, purified watering fountain (encourages hydration)

  • Ability to be flexible with daily routine and needs

  • Tranquil, serene environment

  • Daily walks — long or short; individual or group

  • Playtime with our well-balanced pack, if desired by pup parent and pups themselves

  • Small capacity to maintain the highest-quality care & spaciousness for each guest

  • Short or long stays available

*Optional: “Breakfast topper” on dog’s current food includes 1 egg with finely chopped veggies and fruit. Dog’s primary food is not provided by Sama Dog; it must be supplied when dog is dropped off.

And what make us even more unique?!

We offer each dog our special Nourishment Through the 5 Senses Program. This includes natural living and Ayurvedic philosophy applied to balance your dog’s unique mind/body type. It provides nourishment through each of the 5 senses, based on their specific constitution, to support wellbeing, vitality, and good behavior.



The following are optional add-ons during the stay, at no additional charge:

  • Daily meditation/mindfulness time

  • Animal-specific aromatherapy

  • Healing, soothing sound therapy

  • Basic Ayurvedic massage

  • Basic energy or chakra balancing/clearing

  • Application of healing Flower Essences (standard blends – customized available)

Available for an additional fee; discussed at intake:

  • Nutritional boost or supplements for specific reasons

  • Dinner “add-ons” which include fresh meats or other specifically-selected foods to boost your dog’s health

  • More extensive or frequent 5-Senses treatments listed above

and they’ll start loving it when you go out of town!


B&B Pricing:

  • $52 / day (24 hour stay)

  • $40 / daytime stay only; not overnight (up to 9 hours)

  • $62 / day — Holiday Rate (24 hour stay)

Location of Sama Dog’s B&B Home:

Vista, California 92083 
(North County San Diego area)

  • Street address provided in the booking process

  • Site visits welcomed — just contact us! 

Looking for more than just boarding?

More in-depth treatment and rehabilitation care is available. Our service is entirely customizable to your dog’s needs. Any price variation based on care will be discussed and determined during consultation.

Disclaimer: For specific needs not provided by Sama Dog’s Bed & Breakfast for Dogs, such as dog training service or veterinary care, we are happy to provide local referrals.

A testimonial...

Ever since I rescued my Maltipoo, King, about 2 1/2 years ago, he's been anxious, hid under the bed for a large part of the day, was reactive towards other dogs, and just didn't seem happy. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to help him, and Amanda suggested I have King stay at her B&B for a week or so, so she could really observe his behavior and work with him, as well as socialize him with her three dogs. The B & B is awesome - a dog-centered home with a calming and welcoming atmosphere in a quiet neighborhood with a large backyard to run and play in. Amanda offers so many options and add-ons, such as music therapy, aromatherapy, herbs and supplements, dietary recommendations, and much more. King ended up staying for two weeks and the immediate change in him has been so great! He participated in chakra balancing sessions, daily walks with the rest of the pack, specialized and individualized care, such as flower essences, and much love and TLC. Amanda sent videos, pictures, and frequent updates on his progress. He's much calmer around other dogs and there have been other major changes in his behavior and demeanor that I've noticed, and I cannot thank Amanda, Rene, and their dogs for all they did for King! Amanda is professional, knowledgeable, and so friendly and sincere. — Jen W & lil King