Healing Stones :: Energy Support to Boost Your Dog’s Wellbeing

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Have you ever been drawn to touch, pick up or even rub a random stone? Maybe you were mesmerized by its unique color, texture or shape – something about the stone seemed to be calling out to you perhaps. Stones and crystals go beyond being just pretty rocks. They can also extend powerful healing support to one’s body and mind. It’s possible the mysterious magnetic pull toward a particular stone is Mother Nature’s way of directing you to precise energetic support that will benefit you.

Stones Transmit a Pure and Consistent Vibration

Everything, at its essence, is vibration. It is all energy in motion, whether it’s a piece of earth’s creation like a quartz crystal, or a rose, or the body of a human or canine – it all transmits vibration. Our personal vibrations, and thereby our balance and wellbeing, are easily manipulated by stress, which can be triggered by a certain lifestyle, environment, or state of health. However, a healing stone’s resonance remains pure, constant and unaffected. This vibrational strength and consistency encourages us to meet and maintain optimal health.

This type of healing tool is very similar to the way that mantras work, because stones have the power to adjust our vibration and bring us back to Sama (balance), where true health resides. Since they are literally made from the earth, it’s one of the most natural types of support available. The right stone can gently bring us closer to a more balanced mental, physical and even spiritual state of being without leaving toxic residue or residual side effects.

Ancient Cultures Valued Crystals and Stones

Healing stones also share a common bond with mantras in that many ancient cultures have also acknowledged and valued their positive benefits. Stones were used as talismans to protect Romans in battle. For thousands of years, the Chinese culture has used crystal-tipped needles in acupuncture and specific crystals in Feng Shui to promote positive energy. The ancient Indian Vedas recorded specific healing stones that are still used today to balance chakras, encourage healing and even reach enlightenment. Interestingly, the Egyptians are known to have used the energy of crystals to ensure a safe passage into the afterlife and to emulate the power of specific gods and goddesses.

Stones Can Be Used to Benefit Dogs Too

As past cultures have shown us, healing stones can be used in various ways. Each stone is unique in the way it looks, but the real value is in its specific frequency of vibration, which is  what provides the particular healing qualities. Healing vibrations are universal and will aid dogs in the same way they do people. Both you and your dog can experience a more vibrant and harmonious life by matching your personal imbalance or even body/mind type (dosha) with the right stone.


Sama Dog is continually exploring ways to make healthy, spiritual living accessible to you and your beloved dogs. Our brand new Balancing Collar Charms are an easy, beautiful way to put the special benefits of healing stones and elements to work for your pups.

Listed below is an explanation of each of the 3 primary stones and their beneficial qualities to assist you in selecting the ideal charm for your dog:

Tranquil :: Airy Dog (Vata Dosha)

If you live with an imbalanced Airy or Vata dog, you might notice some nervousness, anxiety or stress. Airy dogs can suffer from being scattered and will benefit from anything that helps to ground them.

Tiger’s Eye is ideal because it has the power to focus the mind and promote mental ease. It’s often used for dispelling fear and is considered a stone of protection. An Airy dog in close proximity to a Tiger’s Eye stone may feel more equilibrium, courage and self-confidence.
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Chill :: Fiery Dog (Pitta Dosha)

Fiery or Pitta Dogs show imbalance as a result of too much accumulated heat. It can manifest as inflammation in the body, digestion issues or a more reactive and aggressive demeanor.

The deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli, along with its soothing vibration, helps to relax, balance and soothe even the most restless pup. It is known for its calming effect and can ease that notorious fiery dog irritability.
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Enliven :: Earthy Dog (Kapha Dosha)

An imbalanced Earthy or Kapha dog may seem sluggish in its body and mind due to an accumulation of “earth”. This heaviness can be attributed to being overweight, ill, elderly or living in a sedentary environment.

The Carnelian stone provides the warmth needed to motivate an Earthy dog into action. In the presence of this bold orange colored stone, your furry friend might be more energetic and enjoy more vitality. It stimulates their confidence and can even create the courage to try new things. It’s sometimes just the boost needed to strengthen a weak system.
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These are only suggestions for your first steps into the world of healing stones. It’s valuable information, but never discount the power of intuition either. There are times when we innately know what’s best, even when it seems to go against all of the recommended suggestions. Dogs share this gift, and if given a choice, will likely choose the best stone in the moment.

How to Use a Healing Stone

A stone from the size of one carat or larger is  powerful enough to provide the influence desired. It is a good idea to cleanse new stones and crystals  to remove any negative energy. Just like us, they tend to absorb other energy. You can  allow them to recharge under the moon, sun or even in the earth for a few hours, or up to a full day. They are low maintenance and easy to use!]

You don’t need to do anything to ignite a stone’s power, just add it to your pup’s environment, either on them or near them. Favorite places include collars, harnesses, jackets, leashes, beds and carriers. Canines are especially receptive while sleeping, so it’s always beneficial to have one by their favorite resting spot.

With a little time, you’ll likely witness subtle but significant positive changes in your dog. When you combine healing stones with other beneficial holistic lifestyle tools, your furry friend will continue to move in the direction of Sama (balance) – a state we all can enjoy.