An Afternoon Event for You + Your Dog

BRING YOUR FRIENDS, Human & Canine!!

Is your dog challenged with bad behavior? Persistent health challenges? Holistic healing works for them too!

In a cozy, light-hearted workshop you'll LEARN:
- Hands-on methods to boost your dog's immune system and build their confidence
- Massage, paired-breathing, yoga stretches, and meditation
- Basics of Ayurveda, the wellness "sister-science" to yoga and meditation
- How to dramatically improve your dog's behavior, naturally
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EDUCATOR: Amanda Ringnalda, the founder of Sama Dog, has studied and worked closely with Deepak Chopra since 2006. She's expanded her holistic teachings of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda to include and help companion animals.

* Pet portraits will be available*

TICKETS: Will go on sale shortly.
Please check back or get on our mailing list to be notified:

** We appreciate everyone upholding our Dog Attendance Guidelines & Supplies**

  • Well-socialized, well-behaved and non-reactive dogs only
  • No retractable/extendable leashes. Only solid leashes. 6ft maximum allowed.
  • No treats (too distracting for the other dogs)
  • One dog per person
  • Prior to class, please walk/exercise your dog to release energy  
  • Bring a blanket or a couple towels for siting on the grass together