Workshops and Classes

CLASS: Dog Wellbeing 101

Would you say your dog is in balance? Is their body and mind vibrant? The optimum state of wellbeing – for dogs and humans – occurs when all aspects of the body, mind and spirit are in a state of equilibrium. “Sama”, which means balance, is established when the whole being experiences harmony. In this fun yet content-rich 75-minute class, you’ll discover the tools and techniques to naturally guide your dog toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle. more 

The Body, Mind and Spirit of Dogs

Are you feeling challenged and frustrated by your dog's bad social behavior, incessant itching, chewing or separation anxiety? What if there’s a different way to look at these behaviors not as simply bad behavior? What if your dog's behavioral issues are just the SYMPTOM of something deeper that’s out of balance? In this 2-hour workshop, you will come to understand the ROOT of your dog’s behavioral issues to eliminate the problem for good. more

Wellbeing for Dogs
+ Their Humans
6-Session Course

Within this comprehensive 6-session educational program, you'll gain a complete understanding of our core teachings, The Sama Dog 6 Pillars of Balance, and how to apply them specifically to your dog. The optimum state of wellbeing, for dogs or humans, occurs when all aspects of body, mind and spirit are considered and guided back into equilibrium. When the whole being experiences harmony and balance, Sama is established. This course provides you with the ideal pathway for creating a Sama Dog: a whole-being balanced dog. more

Private Consultations and Individual Education

In this private and completely customized consultation, you’ll receive the wisdom of Ayurveda, and an array of other natural healing practices, applied to your particular needs. Discover the (often surprising) root causes of your dog’s behaviors, and learn individualized techniques and tools to lovingly bring them back into balance. Personally guided by Amanda, you’ll discover the ideal lifestyle, practices and daily routines to create lifelong harmony, happiness and vitality – not only for your dog, but for yourself as well. more