What's a Sama Dog?

A Sama Dog is a balanced dog — in body, mind and spirit. At Sama Dog Wellbeing we provide education and services to bring both human and canine into a blissful state of balance, or “Sama.” We offer insight into the effects of your dog’s lifestyle and environment on their physical and mental health, overall behavior and the quality of relationships with their humans. We consider all aspects of a dog’s life, including their diet, exercise, behavior and obedience, household influence, personal history, individual mind-body type and more.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide education and services to help dogs, via their human companions, to foster and maintain balance, or “Sama,” in body, mind and spirit. Learn more


Core Teachings

 When the whole being experiences harmony and balance, Sama is established. These core teachings are the 6 principles that lead to a Sama Dog.  Learn more.

Doshas :: Mind-Body Types

"Doshas" in Ayurveda refer to each being’s unique physical and mental constitution, which influence their individual wellbeing. Each being – human, canine, or another - has their own dominant dosha or combination of two or three of these elemental forces. Learn more.

Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans?

Every “body,” no matter the species, moves in and out of balance due to current and past influences and experiences in their environment. Being that our dogs share our lives so closely, they are just as equally impacted by the people and events around us as we are. Learn more.