San Diego Class Shows Dogs Are Naturals at Meditation

KPBS Segment. So many of us have a similar, very special connection to dogs and enjoy spending our time with them. Yet where do we go to have experiences together? To learn together? That is exactly what Sama Dog is all about. This KPBS news piece conveys the ideas and the overall feeling of our dog wellbeing classes. 

What are the Sama Dog 6 Pillars of Balance?

Sama Dog 6 Pillars of Balance. Amanda Ringnalda, founder of Sama Dog :: Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans. Describes her core teachings to help improve dog health, wellness and behavior naturally, holistically and even soulfully.


San Diego News

Sama Dog featured on the San Diego news for our involvement in the launch of The Balanced Mind Meditation Center at the JCC in La Jolla, California, September 2016.

Cooking For Dogs with Ayurveda 

Vata Balancing Meal. Is your dog anxious, restless, fearful? Maybe ungrounded? Their food can make a major difference!

In this video, you'll learn to prepare a Vata balancing meal for your dog. A recipe and ingredient list is provided within the video.

Cooking For Dogs with Ayurveda 

Kapha Anti-Inflame Meal. Ayurveda, the healing science of India, strives for balance in body, mind and spirit. This healing tradition applies to our canine companions just as well as humans. Cooking and supplements can provide natural, issue-specific, holistic support.