Speaking Engagements :: Amanda Ree

I am someone who actually loves public speaking. Being a seasoned presenter who brings authenticity and passion to each one of my speaking engagements, I understand the value of being adaptable, poised, universal and light-hearted on the stage. Over the past twenty years, I’ve had an array of public speaking experiences, including delivering keynote speeches, acting as emcee and lead-facilitator at week-long retreats alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra, and speaking at a multitude of ceremonies, interviews, formal introductions and beyond.

I am available and would love to speak at your next event, fundraiser or gathering. More than simply delivering spoken words, I am also able to provide an energetic sense of grounding, connection and healing to make your event truly memorable.

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 Photos of Amanda by  Lubosh Cech

Photos of Amanda by Lubosh Cech