Private Consultations and Education

20-Minute FREE Consultation with Amanda

Have a question or want guidance on a particular issue? Want to better understand how to balance your dog's dosha (mind/body type)? Schedule a 20-minute phone call with Amanda to get individualized feedback, recommendations, referrals or general guidance from an Ayurvedic, holistic perspective. You'll come away with at least 3 useful tips to help your unique case and dog. 

Pricing: 20-minute call with Amanda = COMPLIMENTARY ($99 Value)

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Customized Wellbeing Roadmap with Amanda

2 Hours Devoted to Your Dog's Health and Happiness

Maybe you've been facing frustrating habits, confusing behaviors or pesky health problems with your dog. Oftentimes these situations arise and continue because the root of the issue is not being addressed and balanced. This is the goal of our holistic model; understand and support the body (and mind) so it's ultimately able to heal itself.

In this private consultation, you’ll receive the wisdom of Ayurveda and an array of other natural health practices, applied for your dog's specific needs. Amanda will help you discover what may be beneath certain behaviors or ailments. You'll learn individualized techniques and tools to bring your precious pup back into balance via their body, mind and spirit.

This package is designed to provide a comprehensive and entirely customized plan including follow-up on your dog's progress. We get into food, herbs, energy work, balancing through each of the senses, behavior, training, and more. 

The consultation package includes:

  • 2 hours of session time over 2 sessions. The first session is typically about 90 minutes, with one 30 minute follow-up session.
  • Intake assessment and quiz to determine your pet’s dosha (mind-body type)
  • A comprehensive recommendation "roadmap" with detailed directions, additional resources and support tools.  
  • Available in-person (in Southern California) or via a user-friendly online meeting platform.

Pricing: Complete Custom Wellbeing Roadmap Package = $175

To learn more and schedule your private consultation with Amanda, click here.

Amanda also brings her classes to private groups (large and small), businesses, associations, meet-ups and more. Contact us for course options and pricing. 


Sama Dog Men Group Class
Consultation Testimonial

I heard Amanda speak about her amazing story of healing her dog through Ayurveda. A light bulb went off when she talked about her dog licking off her hair and chewing her feet. Our Yorkiepoo, Bailey, had recently scratched an infected wound in her neck and had chewed her tail to bits. Before I learned of Sama Dog, Bailey walked out of the vet with antibiotics and a cone of shame – neither of which actually stopped the itching. What the vet couldn’t do was help me address the underlying cause of her behavior. One conversation with Amanda led me to simple dietary changes and fun behavioral tools to use with Bailey. Amanda knows dogs and has done extensive research on the dietary, behavioral and spiritual aspects of dogness. She is generous, clear and downright delightful to talk with. Bailey’s itching has stopped. Her tail is back to normal, and we are now equipped to help her have a long, healthy life the way she was designed to live. I am grateful to Amanda and Sama Dog for helping us resolve a chronic health issue easily, naturally and with so much joy! Bailey had something she wanted to add: ”Arf. Arf. Arfity. Arf!” (Translation = Thank you!)
— Christina B. (St. Paul, MN)